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With such an unprecedented level of demand we worked really hard to keep up and push out as many orders as possible over the past few months.
This is not a decision we have taking lightly but one made with the safety of our employees in mind.
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Odyssey 1500 Mobile Sink

Odyssey 1500 Mobile Sink


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Product Details

The Odyssey 1500 Mobile Sink comes with a much larger, deeper bowl with a standard sink plug, with the possibility of having the hot and cold water options our Odyssey 1500 Mobile Sinks can be used for a whole variety of different uses.

*2kw only offers a temperature range of 22c – 38c. With the 3kw offering a maximum temperature of 48c.

  •  Hospitals and medical treatment rooms
  •  Situations where arm washing is required as opposed to just hands
  •  Utensil washing


Odyssey 1500 in brief:

  • 320mm wide x 320mm deep x 850mm high (1040mm to top of tap) – dimensions may vary
  • Freestanding sink
  • Available with optional wheels for added mobility
  • Motion sensor and foot switch also available for contactless cleaning


All the other standard features of our mobile sinks:

  •  Delivers 170ml of ‘hand hot’ water at the touch of a button
  •  All you need is a 240v Mains Socket – no need for plumbing!!
  •  Comes fully operational – no need for self assembly
  •  Made of clean durable stainless steel
  •  Fully adjustable temperature control
  •  PAT Tested and holds a CE Mark
  • We do not advise using an extension lead as this may result in interruption or inadequate power supply


Technical Specifications

Footprint (WxD)

320mm x 320mm



Bowl Depth


Temp Range

22 to 48 deg

Water Delivery



2kw or 3kw*


1 Bowl

Water temperature

Hot & Cold



Electricity supply


How to use

tap-iconFill container

Comes fully operational – no need for self assembly

feature_4Plug in

Made of clean durable stainless steel

feature_3Press button

Delivers 170ml of ‘hand hot’ water at the touch of a button

hand-iconWash hands

Ready to wash hands – enough water for 37 – 55 washes

water-iconEmpty waste

Empty waste container into a suitable drain

cycle-iconRefill and repeat

Refill the container and start again at Step 3


Comes fully operational – no need for self assembly
Made of clean durable stainless steel
Delivers 170ml of ‘hand hot’ water at the touch of a button
All you need is a 240v Mains Socket – no need for plumbing
Fully adjustable temperature control
PAT tested and holds a CE Mark

Accessories Add accessories

Soap bracket

Never be without your soap bottle again with the handy soap bottle holder. Price includes 250ml bottle of soap. Made of stainless steel. No need for self assembly.

Wheels with handle

Get a fully mobile sink with these sturdy wheels on a stainless steel axle. Wheel your sink wherever you need it quickly and easily.

Motion sensor

A cost effective solution for contact free cleansing. Simply wave your hand over the sensor to start the water flow.

Drainage board

The food preparation / drainage area covers 1 of the bowls on the Odyssey 2000. Great when you need flexible extra space.

Paper towel holder

Convenient storage for paper towels. Price includes a pack of paper towels. Will be affixed to your sink before delivery. No need for self assembly. Made of stainless steel.

Hot and cold option

2 buttons delivering hot or cold water on demand. Saves power when hot water not required.

Foot Switch

Position your foot switch on the floor on a stable even area. Pressing your foot on the foot switch will dispense water.