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Company Information

The Mobile Sink Company Ltd was established in 2008 and remains a family owned manufacturer of market leading, fully portable stainless steel sinks. The business has grown organically through the development of a range of innovative products which can meet the demands of both business and consumer markets.


Engineering & Design

Our purpose built portable sink units have been designed and built with longevity in mind, a durable product that will last the test of time. Therefore, reduced the impact on the environment by not having to constantly replace with new products. Our goal is to keep our portable sinks units working, our prototypes are years in the development and we spend this time repeating testing our products until we are truly satisfied and we know they can then withstand years of use.

All our Odyssey Range Mobile Sink units come with a warranty, we can also service and or repair all our products and where appropriate we have an engineer lead spare part repair system. Simply by facetiming / video calling our customers to talk them through and guide them with our portable sink units. We produce all our portable sink units from high quality 304 stainless steel which is the standard appropriate and suitable grade within a medical environment which will feel will then be suitable for all our customer sectors.



Rather than relying on inefficient permanently switched on heating elements the mobile sink company creates energy efficient products that only use power for seconds at a time rather than a permanently using power. It has been designed to reduce energy and water waste, with a timed water flow lasting 10 seconds minimising water waste, all our sinks do not use energy unless being used for the 10 second hand wash.

We provide cold water only portable sink units for customers who do not need the use of hot water, this provides the customer without the need of hot water a complete energy efficient hand wash facility.

We recycle all our plastic containers and cardboard, factory and office waste including paper and ink cartridges. We have a shutdown policy on all electric appliances and have a paper free office.



As we have customers around the globe our Mobile Sinks need a robust box and they are designed to protect our portable sink units, and where possible we always try to reuse packing where appropriate.



At the Mobile Sink Company, all staff members have equal opportunities irrespective of gender, race, age and disability. Health and safety literature, guidance and training is provided at commencement of employment.

Health and safety guidance kept up to date for existing staff. This is to include manual handling, stress, working with VDU’s, use of gas/propane heater, slips and trips, COSHH training, use of ladders, working at heights, electrical equipment safety.

All employees are given an employee handbook which covers the following: Holiday provisions, Sickness scheme, Rights for the expectant mother, Paternity leave, Parental leave, Equal opportunities, Time off for public duties, Emergency leave, Compassionate leave, Flexible working, Time off for study, Health & Safety at work, Employee information, Code of conduct, Alcohol & drugs, Anti-bribery policy, Grievance & Disciplinary policy.

All employees are paid above national minimum wage and benefit from our company incentive bonus scheme which is in place for all team members to achieve on a monthly and yearly basis.

Our Team consist of 10 employees including: Managing Director – Anthony Rainbow, Sales and Marketing Director – Jodie Rainbow, Financial Director – Nigel Allen, Sales Manager Clair Hunt & HR – Laura Rainbow.



The Mobile Sink Company has two nominated charities per year chosen by our employees, this year our charities are: Brake and Nystagmus Network.

Brake who are reliant on volunteer support, work to end the carnage on roads, make communities safer, and care for people devastated by road death and injury. Our Sales Manager Clair Hunt has taken part in a Brake charitable fun run May 2016

Our Finical Director Nigel Allen has been a trustee for Nystagmus Network and provides ongoing support

All Charitable time given is rewarded back to all our employees in days/time in lieu.