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Comes fully operational - no need for self assembly

Made of clean durable stainless steel

Delivers 170ml of 'hand hot' water at the touch of a button

All you need is a 240v Mains Socket - no need for plumbing

Fully adjustable temperature control

And PAT Tested

Delivers 270ml of hand hot water via an infra-red tap


Soap bracket

Never be without your soap bottle again with the handy soap bottle holder. Made of stainless steel. No need for self assembly.

Infra-red tap

Get premium styling and contact less cleaning for your handwash sink. Simply wave your hand in front of the tap to get hand hot water instantly.

Wheels with handle

Get a fully mobile sink with these sturdy wheels on a stainless steel axle. Wheel your sink wherever you need it quickly and easily.

Motion sensor

A cost effective solution for contact free cleansing. Simply wave your hand over the sensor to start the water flow.

Drainage board

The food preparation / drainage area covers 1 of the bowls on the Odyssey 2000. Great when you need flexible extra space.

Paper towel holder

Convenient storage for paper towels. Will be affixed to your sink before delivery. No need for self assembly. Made of stainless steel.

Hot and cold option

2 buttons delivering hot or cold water on demand. Saves power when hot water not required.

Foot Switch

Position your foot switch on the floor on a stable even area. Pressing your foot on the foot switch will dispense water.