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Quick Start Instructions

Hot Water Sinks


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Basic Instructions

Adjusting the Water Temperature

The temperature can be changed by turning the black temperature control knob. This can be found inside the door above the water containers. Allow 3 dispenses of 170ml of water before the new desired temperature is set. A 2KW or Junior Mobile Sink unit will reach a maximum temperature of 38c with a standard 3KW Mobile Sink unit reaching a maximum of 48c.

Hot and Cold Option

A standard model with have a central black button that will dispense hot water. A hot and cold option will have both blue and red buttons. Blue is for cold water on demand and will flow continually while you press the button. Red is for hot water and it will be measured at either 170ml or 270ml as per your model.

Spray Hose Option

Holding the trigger on the spray hose will produce a continual flow. The water will reach a maximum temperature of 38c. A full 10 litre water container will run for approx. 6 minutes before you will need to replenish the fresh water container and empty the waste water container. This will be indicated by a reduced flow in water. Release the trigger and replace water as needed.

Footswitch Option

Position your foot switch on the floor on a stable even area. Pressing your foot on the foot switch will dispense 170ml or 270ml of hot water. Motion Sensor & Infrared Tap OptionWaving your hand over the sensor or under the infrared tap will dispense 170ml or 270ml of hot water.

Cleaning and General Maintenance

Water containers and pipesEmpty and rinse containers daily, sanitise containers and clean water pipe regularly. To sterilise add 2 sterilising tablets to a 10 litre water container. Leave for at least 15 minutes and operate the 170ml dispense at least 5 times. Dispose of the water in both the fresh and the waste water containers rinse and replace with clean potable water. Operating the 170ml dispense an additional 5 times.

Outer Case

Clean regularly with an antibacterial sprayTrouble shooting

  • Is the clear inlet fresh water pipe in the fresh water container?
  • Does your clean water container need replenishing?
  • Does your waste water container need emptying?• Does the fuse in your plug need replacing

Odyssey Mobile Sink Unit Operating Manual

General Safety

  • Switch off and unplug before cleaning
  • Never use a damaged appliance
  • Never touch the mains plug and socket with wet hands
  • Never operate the appliance when the freshwater container is empty
  • Keep the mains cable out of reach of children
  • Take care when lifting as the appliance is heavy
  • You should always have your appliance checked by a qualified technician if it has been dropped or damaged to ensure it is safe to use.
  • This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instructions concerning the use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety.
  • Children must be supervised to ensure they do not play with the appliance
  • Oil and fat should not be deposited down the drain of a mobile sink unit.
  • Never immerse the appliance or power cable and plug into water or any other liquid
  • Do not use in a very damp, humid or steamy areas.
  • Do not use where temperatures are regularly below 4C or above 38C.
  • Do no use where dirt and dust may block the sensor


Brand: The Mobile Sink Company Ltd
Model: Odyssey
Product Type: Mobile Sink
Mass of Appliance: 18KG As Standard
Dimensions: 320mm Wide X 320mm Deep Height to basin X 829MM
Water Pressure: 0.1Mpa
Rated Flowrate: ≥ 1.200 L/min
Max Pressure: ≥ 2.5 bar
Standard Wash: 170ml or 270ml Depending on Model
Capacity Per Wash: 200ml
Maximum Allowed Operating Temperature Standard Use: 42°C / 107.6°F
Voltage 220-240 V 50/60 Hz
Energy Consumption: 3KW or 2KW Depending on Model
Left on Mode Power Consumption: 1.0W
Mains Fuse 13A

This appliance must be earthed.

This appliance comes with a 3-pin moulded BS 1363, 13-amp plug. The fuse should be rated at 13 amps.

If your power cable or plug is damaged it must be disposed of immediately, a new cable including plug can be purchase from the Mobile Sink Company LTD or replaced with a suitable supply cord which must include a 13-amp fuse in the plug.

Appropriate PPE must be worn when cleaning and sterilising your Odyssey Mobile Sink Unit. Including disposable of wastewater to comply with your business or organisations current risk assessments. We highly recommend frequent cleaning and sterilising of the Odyssey Hand Wash Unit including all water containers. Depending on users and usage, hourly, half hourly or even quarter hourly checks on levels of freshwater containers is advisable. Additional water containers can be purchased here (link). As will all electrical water heating appliances an Odyssey Mobile Sink Unit must not be used without sufficient water. Continues use without sufficient water may damage your Unit and Void any warrant. 55 hand washes per 10 litre water container is standard. Prepping additional freshwater containers is advisable for a smooth hygienic continuous hand wash cycle


Your Odyssey Mobile Sink Unit should be cleaned regularly, and dirt and deposits removed. Failure to maintain the mobile sink in a clean condition can affect the life of your mobile sink and possibly result in a hazardous situation. Cleaning your mobile sink unit will help to prevent a build-up of stubborn marks that can be difficult to clean.

High use areas such as the bowl, tap and knee operated button or sensor should be hygienically cleaned using appropriate cleaning solutions. Ideally at the end of every ‘high usage time’, depending on users and usage, hourly, half hourly or even quarter hourly cleanings maybe advisable or at the end of each day. With your mobile sink unit wiped over with an antibacterial or sodium hypochlorite ( bleach based ) cleaner with a soft disposable cloth. Appropriate PPE must be worn when cleaning and sterilising your Odyssey Mobile Sink Unit following your business or organisations current risk assessments

Like all stainless-steel appliances, you will need to clean your Odyssey Mobile Sink Unit. We suggest when not in use your water containers are emptied, ideally at the end of each day and your mobile sink unit is wiped over with general soap-based detergent (washing up liquid / antibacterial spray) with a soft microfibre cloth. Alternatively if your sink has not been cleaned you can clean going forward with a stainless-steel cleaner to remove oxidized stains or rust.

Although called stainless steel a more accurate name would be harder to stain steel, steel does rust, stainless steel has a chromium oxide layer.

Although this layer is only a few molecules thick it covers the surface of the stainless steel which is what gives it the ability to resist stains and rust. This layer can get damaged or removed by physical abrasion (brushing, grinding, scraping or by chemical reaction) It can be weakened due to expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling i.e. humidity.

With a little cleaning and care the chromium oxide layer is self-healing. Do not use cleaning sprays that contain the following, chlorides, such as iodine, bromine, chlorine, fluorine) or cleaning sprays or liquids that contain alcohol, ammonia or mineral spirits. Also do not use steel wool or steel brushes as particles can adhere to the stainless steel and rust.

1. Unplug the mobile sink unit from the mains before cleaning. It is important that the tap and the motion sensor is always keep clean. Wipe it with a mild detergent and water and leave to dry.

2. To clean the outer case and inside housing where the water containers sit use a soft damp cloth to wipe off any splashes or a paper towel to mop up any spills. Wipe off any dirt with a damp cloth and a little detergent. Dry thoroughly. If needed use stainless-steel cleaner to remove oxidized stains although this may take a little effort to clean.

3. Clean the door of the mobile sink unit to make sure it can close properly

4. Be careful not to spill water into the power connections at the back of the unit.

5. Use warm soapy water to clean the outside do not use any abrasive pads or powders that could scratch the control panel.

6. Unplug the mobile sink unit before cleaning and wipe the power lead with a damp cloth and leave it to dry before plugging it back in

Once completed you then need to dispose of the water from both your fresh and wastewater containers and then sterilise your fresh and wastewater container and pipework by adding 2 sterilising tablets (Milton) to the containers and leave for 15 minutes. Disposing of both the fresh and wastewater once the process is completed

Cleaning the Containers and Pipes

This operation must be completed once per week. More frequent cleaning and sanitization may be appropriate in situations where the risk is considered high.

Remove the clean water container from the unit. Empty the container and rinse it

Fill the container with sanitizing solution at the strength recommended by the manufacturer.

Replace the container in the unit and connect it up to the water delivery system. Operate the tap twice to fill the pipes with the sanitizing solution

Leave the sanitizing solution to act for the time recommended by the manufacturer. If no time is recommended, leave it for at least 15 minutes.

Remove the waste container from the unit and empty it as before.

After rinsing the waste container, replace it in the unit.

After the clean water container has stood for the appropriate time, operate the tap 5 times to run the sanitizer through the system.

Remove both containers from the unit.

Decant the sanitizing solution from the clean water container into the waste container.

Rinse the clean water container thoroughly and refill it with fresh, cold, potable water (as before).

Replace the clean water container in the unit and connect it up to the water delivery system.

After the wastewater container of sanitizing solution has stood for the required time, empty it and rinse it thoroughly as before.

Replace the waste container in the unit and connect the waste pipe. Operate the tap 5 times to rinse out the pipes.

Cleaning the pump filter

Simply removing any extraneous matter from the filter, wiping with a damp lint free cloth

If you are missing a filter on the bottom of your fresh water pipe (6mm clear pipe on left hand side of unit) or it is damaged in anyway i.e. the mesh has been removed or damage please speak to our team for a replacement

Water Containers

Your Odyssey Mobile Sink has been designed to operate with a suitable water container. Damage resulting from the use of containers other than a suitable Mobile Sink container are not covered by the warranty. When inserted correctly there is a gap between the two water containers.

Reusable HDPE plastic, recycle and replace bottles in accordance with your hygiene requirements
Do not use with any other liquid other than water and either vinegar for limescale removal or (Milton) for sterilising tablets / liquid. Hot water is not suitable for making beverages. However, all pipe work and water containers supplied are food grade.

Water-soluble cleansing agent used in the water container or within the bowl may produce bubbles/ suds causing the wastewater container to overflow. Any overflow should be cleaned with a damp cloth and drying the case and sensors with a paper towel to remove the residual water and bubbles.

NOTE impurities in the water can damage the pump. For protection use the water filter provided. Replacement filters can be purchased from the mobile sink company

PLEASE NOTE Do not overfill your water containers, leave enough water to position the freshwater pipe work.

NOTE overuse of cleaning agents may cause an overflow

Adjusting the Sink

Adjusting the Water Temperature

Select the appropriate water temperature for the user

The temperature can be changed by turning the temperature dial anti clockwise to increase the temperature and clockwise to decrease the temperature. The temperature ranges from 22C through to 48C (dependent on the KW of the unit). Each water dispense is 170ml or 270ml of continuous water at your selected temperature. Once you have set your required temperature your Mobile Sink Unit will need to be used 3 times to get to the desired temperature.

Actual water temperature may differ slightly from the declared temperature

The temperature depends of water hardness, water inlet temperature, room temperature and fluctuations in the main electricity supply

Adjusting the Water Dispense

If you Odyssey Mobile Sink Unit has a 170ml water dispense and you wish to increase this to 270ml then follow the below steps.

Turn the temp control/potentiometer to max temp – anti clockwise;

Plug the unit into mains but turn off the switch at the mains;

Hold the black and or red button if you have a dual hot and cold Mobile Sink Unit and then switch on at plug mains socket;

Hold black / red button for 5 – 8 seconds maximum;

Release black / red button;

Then it will set to 270ml water flow the next time it is used

If the button is pressed for more than 8 seconds repeat the first 3 points above to reset to 170ml and try again. Increasing the water flow will reduce slightly the heat of the water, but they will have a longer flow.


In hard water areas limescale may build up.
We would recommend using white vinegar at a ratio of 25% vinegar to 75% water

Problems that can indicate descaling is required:

  • Leaking
  • Reduced water flow
  • Water flow stops completely
  • The machine fails to heat up properly
  • Unusual noises

It is recommended that you descale your mobile sink unit regularly – how often will depend on how hard your water is and how regularly you use your mobile sink unit.

To begin place 2500ml of white vinegar and 7500ml of water into your freshwater container.

Press the button 3 times to begin the descaling process

Time for 15 minutes you will not be able to use your Mobile Sink Unit in this time period.

After the descaling is completed flush through with water by pressing the button

This must be a competent person to complete this process, it must not be completed by a child.

Earthing Instructions

This appliance is equipped with a mains cable with an earthed plug.

The plug must be plugged into an appropriate mains socket that is installed and earthed in accordance with all local standard and requirements.


Improper connection of the appliance- earthing conductor can result in a risk of an electric shock.

Check with a qualified electrician or service representative if you are in doubt whether the appliance is properly earthed.

Never modify the plug provided with the appliance

If the plug does not fit properly in the main socket, have a qualified electrician install a proper mains socket.

The appliance is not intended to be operated by the means of an external timer or separate remote-control system.

Before connecting to a power source make sure your supply voltage is the same as the one indicated on the appliance.

Always fully unwind the power cord before use

The appliance must be positioned so that the plug is easily accessible


The appliance is not designed for maritime use or for use in mobile installations such as caravans or aircraft.


Before storing the unit, all water must be drained to protect the unit from freezing. Remove all water from both the fresh and the wastewater containers. Place the freshwater container back into the unit with the freshwater pipe in the correct position in the water container. When the unit is plugged in press the button up to 3 times to remove any residual water from the inside of the unit. This water will then drain down the freshwater pipe into the freshwater container, this may need a few minutes for the water to fully drain from the pipe work. You may need to manually squeeze the pipe if any visible water has not been fully dispersed. Wipe down the inside and outside of the unit including the bowl and tap as per the cleaning instructions.

Remove and sterilize your fresh and wastewater containers then store properly.

Close the door on your mobile sink unit

Store the unit on a flat level surface in the up-right position

Frost Precaution

Caution on freezing during winter

Make sure to install the appliance where it will not freeze during winter. The appliance and its accessories can get destroyed through frost if there are any water residues in them.

When the fresh or waste pipes are installed in a curved shape and not directly straight the inner hose may freeze.

Making sure the water is removed completely from the unit and the water containers are empty along with the fresh and wastewater pipe

Do not install the appliance in rooms where freezing temperatures may occur. Store the appliance in a frost-free room. Frozen pipes may burst under pressure. The reliability of the electronic control unit may be impaired at temperatures below freezing point

Moving the mobile sink unit

Do not wheel or push around or move without first unplugging the unit and emptying both the fresh and wastewater containers.

Wooden floors are particularly susceptible to vibration. To prevent vibration, we recommend you please rubber cups at least 15mm thick on each of the wheels. If you install your appliance on a slippery surface it may move, if this occurs install an anti-slip sheet / mat under the wheels.

When transporting in vehicles remove all water from containers keeping the appliance upright and secure the appliance against shifting and tipping over.

Always store your mobile sink unit upright and never on its side

Trouble Shooting

Before you arrange a service, check the below list of problems and solutions

  • Water supply is not adequate in the freshwater container – fill freshwater container
  • Water inlet hose is kinked – straighten the hose
  • The filter of the inlet hose is clogged – clean and straighten the hose
  • Mobile Sink does not start- electrical power cord may not be plugged in or connection may be lost.
  • Fuse / Circuit breaker tripped, or a power outage has occurred – Reset Circuit breaker you may need to replace the fuse. Do not increase or decrease fuse capacity. If the problem is a circuit overload have it corrected by a qualified electrician.
  • Fresh Water empty – re fill freshwater container and position at the back and right-hand side of the unit
  • The unit is making a louder noise make sure it has a minimum of 1 litre of water
  • The infrared sensor isn’t working – Clean the sensor with a damp lint free cloth
  • The water dispense isn’t at my required temperature- turn the temperature control dial and press 3 times to check desired temperature
  • How do I open the door – turn the handle
  • Vibrating noise – are the wheels resting firmly on the ground
  • Water Leaks – drainpipe is clogged – check for excessive suds which may cause leaks
  • Odour – Odours can occur if foreign substances are left in the water containers- be sure to clean/ sterilize your water containers and replace water containers as and when needed.

General Warnings

Only suitable water containers should be used with the Mobile Sink Unit

Do Not use the mobile sink unit for anything other than water. Use of the Mobile Sink for any unintended purposes may result in serious damage

Do Not use the mobile sink unit unless in an upright position

Do Not transport your unit with water containers in place

Use cold water (do not use ice cold water)

Do Not move the mobile sink while in the water dispense process

Use your mobile sink on a flat, stable surface.

Do Not place your mobile sink on a hot surface and never use it close to an open flame

Never use the appliance to clean objects containing hazardous substances

The mains plug and coupling must be watertight and must never lie in water.

Unsuitable extension cables can be hazardous.

Always unroll electrical cables

In case of extended downtimes switch the appliance off at the mains switch

Do Not operate the appliance at temperature below 0C

Never leave the appliance unattended with it is in the clean or rinse cycle


See our Warranty https://mobilesink.com/help-support/warranty/ for full details.

Faults that occur through, improper use, damage, abuse, use with incorrect voltage, acts of nature, events beyond the control of The Mobile Sink Company Ltd, repair or alteration by a person other than those authorised by The Mobile Sink Company Ltd or failure to follow instructions of use ARE NOT covered by your guarantee. Additionally, normal wear and tear, including, but not limited to, minor discolouration and scratches ARE NOT covered by this warranty.

Once a Mobile Sink Unit has been returned to us if the issue/ s can be resolved by simply following the troubleshooting guide then logistical costs and time associated with resolution will be charged at full cost regardless of units being within warranty as this will be classified as user error.