Our factory shut down will begin w/c the 20th August until the 28th August. Our last day for deliveries will be the 18th August for all Sales orders and Hires orders booked, purchased and paid for before this date.

Odyssey 2000 Mobile Sink Hire

Odyssey 2000 Mobile Sink Hire


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Product Details

Due to factory maintenance, hire products are not available until the 29th August via our free standard delivery service.

Hire the Odyssey 2000 mobile sink for a medical room, hospital, educational setting, veterinary practice, dental surgery, tattoo parlour, catering and more.


  • 2 bowls with swivel taps
  • Optional drainer/food prep surface that fits over the square bowl
  • No plumbing required, simply plug into a 240v mains socket
  • Hot and cold water dispensed
  • Provides up to 170ml of water from one water container
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Available as 2kw (up to 38c) or 3kw (up to 48c)
  • Arrives fully operational, no assembling required
  • Made from a hard-wearing stainless steel
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Hire from just £197 for 3 days or from £225 for 7 days. Quotations for extended periods of hire can be provided on request.

Technical Specifications

Footprint (WxD)

695mm x 350mm



Bowl Depth


Temp Range

22 to 48 deg

Water Delivery

170ml or 270ml


2kw or 3kw*

Lockable Wheels

Fitted As Standard

Hot and Cold Option

Fitted As Standard

On-Demand/Finger on Button

Fitted As Standard


2 Bowls

Water temperature

Hot & Cold


Adults and Children

How to use

tap-iconFill container

Comes fully operational – no need for self assembly

feature_4Plug in

Made of clean durable stainless steel

feature_3Press button

Delivers 170ml or 270ml of ‘hand hot’ water at the touch of a button

hand-iconWash hands

Ready to wash hands – enough water for 37 – 55 washes

water-iconEmpty waste

Empty waste contaner into a suitable drain

cycle-iconRefill and repeat

Refill the container and start again at Step 3


Comes fully operational – no need for self assembly
Made of clean durable stainless steel
Delivers 170ml or 270ml of ‘hand hot’ water at the touch of a button
All you need is a 240v Mains Socket – no need for plumbing
Fully adjustable temperature control
PAT tested and holds a CE Mark

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