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Mobile Sinks for Kiosks

A stainless steel portable sink for all kinds of kiosks.


Whatever kind of kiosk you own, whether it be a kiosk serving beverages, a dessert kiosk, food cart, concession stand or otherwise, it is important, and required by law, to have handwashing facilities readily available to maintain hygiene standards and reduce cross-contamination.

We understand that your kiosk could be situated just about anywhere, whether it be in a shopping centre, train station or on the streets, meaning gaining access to plumbing can be difficult.

With hot and cold water readily available at the touch of a button, and with no plumbing required, Mobile Sink can provide a convenient portable hand wash station that arrives fully assembled.

Whilst our mobile sink has been designed to be user-friendly and is simple to use, a member of our friendly team can offer on-going aftersales support and customer care, should it be required.