Factory Shutdown: 20th – 28th August


With such a busy year we have found we simply need to down tools, have a bit of sweep round, count a few stock items and give the walls a lick of paint. We’ve chosen this time to have a factory shutdown, with it close to the August bank holiday period. Although our Sales Team […]

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Base Water Level


With this wonderful summer upon us we are all enjoying the sunshine, we appreciate the air-conditioning in the supermarket aisles and enjoying dining outside. So when these hot months hit us, we ask for all our customers to ‘Dial it Down’ remembering that the base water temperature from the main water pipes has increased in […]

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Maintaining a clean salon


If you own a salon, you know that excellent hygiene is imperative. A clean salon looks professional and appealing to customers and ensures first impressions of new clients are good. Daily cleaning is essential in all salons to ensure you maintain a level of hygiene throughout. Below are some tips to ensure you keep on […]

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Happy Easter!


With the changing of the clocks and the earlier Easter than normal we are having a very busy Spring here at Mobile Sink HQ. We’ve had our biggest ever Spring Saving Offer for all our fabulous customers to enjoy. A few members of the team had great fun in Scotland at the weekend at the […]

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Great Savings on Odyssey 1000 and Odyssey 1500


Save £100 when you purchase an Odyssey 1000 or an Odyssey 1500 Mobile Sink. These Mobile Sinks are freestanding sinks that require no plumbing and produce ‘hand hot’ and cold water by a motion sensor or a foot switch. The Odyssey 1000 sink suits a range of environments including food fayres, festivals, the education sector […]

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Check Out Our Odyssey 1000+ Mobile Sink Offer


Save £35 when you purchase an Odyssey 1000+ Mobile Sink*. The Odyssey 1000+ Mobile Sink is a freestanding sink with an infra-red tap, allowing for ‘hand hot’ and cold water at the touch of a button. The sink arrives fully operational and simply needs to be plugged into a mains socket before it’s ready to […]

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February is the month of love but we aren’t about sending out any love letters here.


Well February is the month of love but we aren’t about sending out any love letters here. It’s all about the ‘love’ we have for the Odyssey Mobile Sink. Little robust machines that you have to do very little to keep in tip top condition. We often talk our customers through this little routine and […]

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Things to look forward to in 2018…


Well, time really does fly when your busy. We can’t believe how quickly the New Year is upon us. We have lots of exciting new things happening here in Mobile Sink HQ from new products, to new guides and always listening to our customers and offering new deals. So many things to think about this […]

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Food Safety Week and National Picnic Week!


Us brits are totally split, we either love the sun or we hate it. We wonder if wearing flip flops to work is suitable (Clair, yes! Tom no! Put those steal toe capped boots back on please) but in all seriousness we just aren’t as set up for tropical temperatures as our European friends. So […]

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New to this years line up … the Odyssey 1500 Spray Sink


Here within The Mobile Sink Co, We’ve literally got 1000’s of portable sinks out on hire at different festivals this year we are always looking to widen our horizons, visiting music events, food festivals, tented villages, visiting fairs galore. We are working on a few big things here to be launched later on in the […]

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