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Veterinary Practices

Importance of hand washing in the Veterinary/Animal sector

There are 40 main illnesses we can contract from working with and handling animals, 31 of them are spread via direct contact with certain animals. In order to reduce this risk frequent and effective hand washing is extremely important.

The sectors covered are veterinary practices, animal shelters, farms and small holdings, petting farms, zoos and animal rescue centres.

Diseases transmitted from animals to humans are known as zoonotic diseases.

The portable hand washing facilities should be sufficient for the number of staff and visitors, please see the advice below from the Health & Safety Executive (HSE Welfare at Work Guidance).

Staff/Visitors                               Hand Wash Facilities Available

1 – 5                                                      1

16 – 30                                                 1

31 – 45                                                 2

46 – 60                                                2

61 – 75                                                  3

76 – 90                                                 3

91 – 100                                               4

Following the simple steps will ensure your hands are washed thoroughly:

Step 1

Thoroughly wet your hands using warm running water and add liquid soap to your hands

Step 2

Rub your hands together palm to palm and make a lather

Step 3

Using your palms rub your hands across the back of your hands and along the length of your fingers, and then repeat with your other hand

Step 4

Interlock your fingers with your palms touching and rub thoroughly between all fingers

Step 5

Now rub around your thumbs and then rub the fingertips of each hand across your palms

Step 6

Rinse off the soap with clean water, dry your hands with a disposable towel, turn the tap off with the towel and throw the towel away.



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